My own tiny, fluffy cloud

In light of the imminent demise of MobileMe and iDisk, I have been doing some research to find alternatives. I have a family account, which gave me 20GB (split among the family) along with email addresses for $99 per year.

The best alternative I have come up with is the site you are currently viewing: I got web hosting and a domain name from GoDaddy for about $150 for two years. The advantage to this is that it allows me to run PHP apps and includes 25 MySql schemas. Being a techie, this is really no problem for me to setup and configure (although it does require investing time and energy into it).

The GoDaddy hosting also comes with the ability to install pre-configured apps, so I have setup:

The URL shortener is kinda cool, check this out:

Not that any of those apps are replacements for MobileMe, but fun to play with, anyway.

The real thing I need to replace from MobileMe is the disk storage. I hope to enable the PHP/WebDAV extension and use it as a DropBox replacement. Future posts will inform you about my progress. Wish me luck!

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