The Kindle

I have had an iPad since they were introduced, and not long after I got it, I bought my wife an Amazon Kindle:

She loved it. I got her the Kindle green case with built-in light and she carries it everywhere. I was so impressed, I got one too. The display of the Kindle is phenomenal. You know when you buy electronics, they sometimes come with a sticker over the display to simulate what it would look like, but you can tell it is just printed on a piece of clear plastic. Well, when the Kindle first came in, I thought it had one of those stickers and I was surprised when I learned that it was the display itself- Super crisp, clear text. Of course, the downside of that crisp e-ink look is the slow speed of changing pages. Thankfully, reading text doesn’t require that many page turns and the speed is not a problem.

Some people claim the iPad is a Kindle killer, but I disagree. When reading some long-form text, I always look for it first for the Kindle, and then the iPad as a 2nd place reading device.

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